My Hunger Games Movie Experience

Last Thursday I attended an advance screening  of The Hunger Games! I received free tickets through @shesconnected and went as a guest of @ToshibaCanada.

I read all three books and couldn’t wait for the movie to be released. I was really happy with the casting of the characters, Woody Harrelson made me truly believe that he was Haymitch. You wouldn’t know that Elizabeth Banks played the character, Effie Trinket. She did a fantastic job. I must admit that I was also very smitten with Lenny Kravitz. He made a very good Cinna.

In my opinion, the screenplay was a good representation of the book. I noted that Suzanne Collins was a producer and it was reported that she adapted the novel for the film herself. The credits include her name with other Hollywood screenwriters.

I truly enjoyed the movie and part of the enjoyment was based on what I knew from reading the book. I knew what the characters were thinking and their motivations behind their actions when time constrictions of the movie didn’t allow for more detail. If you love to read, then read the book and go see the movie! The two mediums mesh well together.

The movie (and book) offer a lot of food for thought in regards to class, politics, violence and reality tv. Yes, reality television. The Hunger Game that the tributes take part in is considered source of entertainment for the citizens of the Capitol. It is their “reality tv”.  Makes you think about the parallels in the reality tv shows that we enjoy today with the Hunger Games of Panem… but without the death and violence.

I am already looking forward to seeing the next installment, Catching Fire. Looks like I’m going to be waiting until Fall 2013, according to Wikipedia! I have a feeling I’ll be rereading the book before the movie to brush up on the facts.

I would like to thank Toshiba Canada for the preview tickets and to She’s Connected for making this happen.

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