Journey to BlogHer12

Earlier this month I traveled to BlogHer12 in New York City. My journey began almost a year ago at Blissdom Canada. Fellow travelers, Beach Mama (Anna) and Capital Mom (Brie) decided that we made a great travel team. It was decided that we MUST travel to BlogHer in New York City in August 2012.

Fast forward ten months and we were hitting the road in a Ford Flex, which was generously donated by Ford Canada. The drive from Ottawa to New York City was amazing. The sun was shining and the company was fantastic. I had an amazing time traveling to New York City.

BlogHer12 Road Trip

I thought that my trip could not get any better.

Wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending NYCtweetup organized by my fabulous friend, Kristi. I had a great time mingling and enjoying delicious wine, sponsored by Cellar Angels. The tweetup was held at the Roger Smith Hotel. A true boutique hotel, which is family owned and managed for three generations. I had loads of fun spending time with my friends from far and near.

BlogHer12 Wednesday

I thought that my trip could not get any better.

I kicked off Thursday morning with The Army Strong Workout which really gave my core a crazy strength workout. Then I spent the afternoon attending Trumpeting Media R&R Suite at The Four Seasons, meeting sponsors like FitBit (which I have literally worn to pieces) and Beaches Vacations.

In the afternoon I went on the StumbleUpon NYC walking tour. I learned how to negotiate like a native New Yorker, figure out North and South by simply looking at the slope of the road and took amazing photos of the sites of Midtown Manhattan.

Thursday evening kicked off at The Slow Churned Social Luxe Lounge where I discovered the best candy bars in the world. Unreal candy. Think chocolate bars that have no corn syrup, no hydrogenated oil and no chemical preservatives and less sugar. I look forward to their Canadian debut.

Afterwards I headed to The Chevrolet Canada Party with Mom Central Canada in SoHo. The rooftop party was jammed packed with my favourite Canadian bloggers. This was by far the best event I attended. Amazing view. Amazing People.

After mingling at The People’s Party a group of us opted to grab a late bite. We decided to eat-in and have a picnic in our room. Sitting on our beds, we shared stories from the evenings activities as well as the cheese, fruit and deli type spreads bought from the grocery store across the street.

BlogHer12 Thursday

I really thought that my trip could not get any better.

I started my Friday morning Kicking It with The Rockettes! I learned a few steps from their famed Christmas Spectacular and took part in a Q&A with the dancers while sitting on the rehearsal room floor in the historical Radio City Music Hall.

The remaining Friday morning and afternoon of keynotes, sessions and Voices of the Year did not disappoint. In the midst of the afternoon activities I was able to attend The CoreBody Reformer workout and have now decided I must get this for my little workout corner at home. I look forward to their Canadian debut.

Friday evenings activities include the carnival themed Hasbro Party, the Harley Davidson Party at The Whiskey Park in which I rocked it on REAL Harley and Sparklecorn, where I danced my feet off.

BlogHer12 Friday

I thought that my trip could not get any better.

Saturday morning and afternoon was, as usual, another stellar day of sessions and Geek Bar goodness. I did take a break and attended The Glamorous Luncheon at Ruth’s Chris, hosted by Shannon. It was the best meal I had in NYC. It was a true glamorous affair and I must admit that I have become very smitten with Karen Kane’s clothing line.

I also went to Getting Gorgeous where I took fun photos with my girlfriends and a Zombie. I won supper at The Rock Cafe courtesy of Diet Pepsi for that evening. After I headed to Banshe where I got to chat with Nugglemama and met Tracy Beckerman, which totally made my night. I ended the night once again dancing at CheeseburgHer until my feet feel off.

BlogHer12 Saturday

I thought that my trip could not get any better.

Sunday morning I went for a run in Central Park and had brunch with Blogalicious. After, I spent the rest of the day wandering through Midtown Manhattan and East Village. I ate baked goods from Magnolia Bakery and ukrainian soul food from Veselka. I walked the great hall of Grand Central and went shopping — sought out the Bra Whisperer and tried on pinup dresses.

BlogHer12 Sunday

I thought that my trip could not get any better.

Monday morning we waved goodbye to NYC and drove back to Canada. The car ride was a little more subdued, but the mood was happy and content.

BlogHer12 NYC Farewell

As the car pulled into my driveway I could see three little heads peeking out the front window. Waiting for Mommy. Waiting for me. I ran to the step and the boys had already assembled, reaching out to hug and kiss me.

I gathered all three into my arms and thought yes… it can. It did.

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7 Responses to Journey to BlogHer12

  1. Brie says:

    You brought it all back. It was a great trip. A truly fabulous time.

  2. What a trip!! What an experience :) Loved the pics. (pssst. you look HOT AS HELL on the bike!)

    • Krista - The Tech Mom says:

      It was an amazing experience and it was made even better thanks to the fact that I was in better shape. Thanks Katie!!! I can’t wait to tell you more details about the workouts I had!

  3. eisangel3 says:

    Love this! Wish I’d been there with you guys

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