Four Days of Darkness

Last week we lost our Internet connection at home. Since we are cable cutters, this meant our main source of entertainment was cut off. My husband immediately called our service provider, TekSavvy, to find a resolution.

This was not easy experience.  The difficultly was that there was nothing wrong with the service from our end, rather is was a problem with their infrastructure and pointing that out to the technician was a bit of a hassle.

My husband took to twitter and managed to find a very helpful TekSavvy employee that called us immediately. Elizabeth actually took the time and had the patience to listen to what we had to say. It turned out that there was an outage and we were not the only customers without service.

Seeing that the situation was complicated, we figured that the outage was going to be a few days. The outage was happening during the work week and we had the comfort knowing that we had Internet access in our downtown office. In the evenings, we made due by reading books, watching old DVDs and using our digital tv antenna to watch the free tv channels.

We didn’t sweat it.

Even with the outage, we were never truly disconnected. We both had our mobile phones and our data plans. When we truly needed access, we tethered our devices to our mobile phones and was able to perform our tasks. I was able to connect to my google docs on my laptop while using my mobile device as a hotspot.

As the weekend approached our Internet was still disconnected. We once again reached out to Elizabeth on twitter and she responded right away. The company was working on it. All hands on deck! Even the CEO was answering questions in their support forums.

We got our connection back Saturday afternoon and we were thrilled. I have to admit that I am not annoyed or outraged that I went four days without Internet.

No. Nope. Not one bit!

We pay a reasonable price for our unlimited bandwidth with TekSavvy and have had no complaints for the last year and a half. I cannot say the same for our past provider. We paid more per month for limited bandwidth (which we blew through) and we had two outages in the same time that we had the one with TekSavvy.

Oh and the cherry on the top? TekSavvy is going to compensate us for the outage, something our old provider never did.

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4 Responses to Four Days of Darkness

  1. Lynn says:

    We were also affected by the same outage. I would say overall that we have come away from the experience happy, although we were pretty *unhappy* for a day or so in the middle there. The biggest problem for us was that Teksavvy wasn’t communicating to everyone what was going on – their call line was jammed up so we couldn’t talk to a real person, and the recorded message didn’t tell us what the problem was, what they were doing to work on it, or when the expected resolution was. Their twitter stream and facebook page had no mention at all of the outage, nor any updates.

    It took us two days and stealing the neighbour’s internet to figure out that they had an online message board where the action was. Once we figured that out and raised our own ticket, we were suddenly in the loop, and that made everything better. We also dealt with Liz online and she was great, and overall we were so happy with her that we came away with a good feeling, especially because the outage really did not seem to be their fault at all.

    But overall I would like to see Teksavvy make better use of social media to communicate when there is an outage, to keep everyone in the know.

  2. twohandsfull says:

    I am glad to hear you had a good experience. We are in the process of switching to TekSavvy and I was looking for reviews/recommendations. Do you use them for your land lines too? (Do you even have a land line ;) )

  3. Huh! I’ve never even heard of TekSavvy. Sounds like I should look into it for the cost-savings alone!

  4. I couldn’t refrainn from commenting. Pefectly written!

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