Hello World!

  • My name is Krista and I have been working and playing in the tech industry since 1996.
  • I was born and raised in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador. I attended University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and lived & worked in both Ottawa and Waterloo, Ontario.
  • My highschool job was ski instructing. I have my level I Instructor Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance certification. I secretly wanted to be a ski-bum when I grew up.
  • I use to skate competitively but quit when I realized that I didn’t like being competitive.
  • I graduated from Dalhousie University with a bachelor degree in Computing Science and with degree in hand, I headed to Ottawa, a.k.a Silicon Valley North, to find a job in high tech.
  • I got my first break working for Corel Corporation (remember WordPerfect and Corel Draw?) creating Web based apps to assist various departments in their day to day business needs. I immediately fell in love with technology and the geek in the next cube. Really. I met my husband at Corel.
  • I lived in Waterloo for a few years working at a start-up company called Pattern Discovery Software. I spent a lot of time researching and developing Web apps that would use pattern analysis to offer up user specific content based on their surfing habits.
  • The hubs and I starred in a commercial promoting tech news on local Rogers channels. Check out our 15 seconds of fame on my YouTube channel!
  • We missed Ottawa so much that we moved back  in 2000.
  • I worked for 10 years as a Senior Application Engineer at iStudio (which has since merged with High Road Communications).
  • My job at iStudio was much more than designing, developing and building Web based technologies! I also spend time writing proposals and manuals for our clients. It was a great job because I got to perform all the geeky tasks, such as coding, but I actually got the chance meet and interact with our clients.
  • In 2007 I went on maternity leave and never returned to the office.
  • My husband and I LOVE DisneyWorld. We went on our honeymoon and we bring the kids every year for a winter getaway.
  • When my oldest son turned one, we decided to have one more baby… and ended up having twin boys! We now have three beautiful boys.

Interested in contacting me? There are lots of options in getting in touch with me.

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